Coronavirus Live News: Trump Starts “Quarantine Process” After Aide Hope Hicks Catches Virus | World news

Hicks traveled with Trump to his debate with Biden on Tuesday and Wednesday at a Minnesota rally. Trump’s entourage entered the debate room without face liners, or removed them as they sat down and turned down an offer of masks from a doctor at the Cleveland Clinic, which was hosting the event. Biden’s guests wore […]

British coronavirus live: Poland and Turkey added to England’s quarantine list; Starmer urges you to rethink the 10pm closing | Policy

Sir Keir StarmerThe decision to publicly declare itself in favor of a rethinking of the mandatory 22:00 closing time for pubs (see 16:09) must worry No. 10. Given what Conservative MPs think about the rule, it is now difficult to see how the government could win a vote on the issue. Fortunately, they don’t have […]

Arthritis Drug to Test as Covid Treatment in UK Nursing Homes | World news

A commonly used arthritis drug is to be tested with nursing home residents who have Covid, after it was observed that those taking it for their joint pain were less likely to end up in hospital with the virus. Older adults in nursing homes, who often have some degree of dementia, tend to feel unwell […]

COVID-19 causing stress, depression, and obsessive behavior: survey

EDMONTON – An online survey of Albertans seeking help during the COVID-19 crisis suggests the pandemic is putting a strain on mental health, with more signs of obsessive behavior, stress and depression. “We didn’t expect people to experience this level of anxiety, depression or stress,” said Vincent Agyapong, professor of psychiatry at the University of […]

Rishi Sunak to Extend Covid-19 Emergency Corporate Loan Programs | Business

The government hopes to allay growing concerns about the economic fallout of a second wave of coronavirus infections by extending its Covid-19 emergency loan scheme for businesses. Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is expected to announce the extension of four state-backed loan programs through the end of November, in a move to give troubled companies more time […]

Coronavirus live news: France sees another daily record rising as Victoria records 14 new cases | World news

AAP: Three new community cases of Covid-19 this weekend will give the prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, food for thought while considering the ax restrictions in New Zeland on Monday. The new cases are unrelated to the Auckland cluster that saw Ardern bust New Zealand’s largest city last month. Instead, health authorities say they are three […]

British Coronavirus Live: Covid Test Demand Exceeds Capacity, MEPs Said | Policy

Lord Bethell, the health minister in charge of testing and tracing, is now joining the hearing. Clark asks him about the app. Bethell says she has the app on her phone and it’s really impressive. He’s using it, he says. He says companies are experimenting with it. Q: What are the main features of the […]

Levels of Stress, Anxiety and Depression Soar Under UK Covid-19 Restrictions | Society

Restrictions to curb the spread of the coronavirus in the UK have brought stress, anxiety and depression well above normal levels and could be repeated in the coming months if widespread blockages are reset, the researchers say. A major study on the mental health impact of the pandemic found that in the early stages of […]

Bridgeport School closed on Monday after testing positive for COVID-19 staff members – NBC Connecticut

Bridgeport’s Jettie S. Tisdale school will be closed on Monday after a staff member tested positive for COVID-19, according to school officials. Superintendent Michele Testani announced this on Sunday. Outdoor school options are explored as viable options as instructors struggle to find ways to get kids back to school No additional information was immediately available. […]

Vaccine tests start again; The Dakotas see the rapid growth of the virus in the mask debate – NBC Chicago

Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca will resume its coronavirus vaccine trial in the UK, the company said on Saturday, after it suspended testing last week when a participant fell ill. An independent review process and a UK medical regulator have now recommended “that UK trials can safely resume” and given the green light for them to start […]