PPTV! List of 11 real Premier League clubs, Manchester United meets Chelsea: PPTVHD36

List of 11 real Premier League matches, Manchester United meet Chelsea PPTV! List of 11 real Bundesliga Bayern Munich meets Frankfurt 24 Oct. ’20 Link to watch live football Bundesliga! Bayern Munich meets Frankfurt am Main Today’s football schedule 24 Oct 20 List of 11 real characters of both teams at 11:30 PM. .

FDA reveals Thailand has found 4 additional cases of COVID-19, one confirmed in Thailand in Samui

Today (24 Oct.) at 11:00 am, the Coronavirus Disease Management Center 2019 reported the situation of COVID-19 in Thailand that The latest situation of the epidemic of coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) or COVID-19 in Thailand today (24 Oct) Found 4 additional new cases Three of them arrived from overseas and entered State Quarantine from Austria, one […]

Worldwide, COVID-19 cases surpass 42.4 million US-India numbers still high

More than 42.4 million people infected with COVID-19 worldwide, an increase of 4.8 lakh. The US, India, Brazil, Spain, the number of cases remains high. The Worldometers website reports the COVID-19 situation on October 24, 2020 at approximately 7:41 am Thailand time. There were a total of 42,462,912 infectious cases worldwide, an increase of 489,617 […]

KFC to create 5,400 jobs this year

24 October 2020 18 KFC to create 5,400 jobs in the UK and Ireland this year Although many KFC stores are in areas locked down to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. KFC revealed that The company plans to create 5,400 jobs in the UK and Ireland by the end of 2020, although several KFC stores are […]

Covid kills over 1,000 Myanmar people | Daily News

Foreign news agencies reported from the city of Yangon. Myanmar on October 23, the Ministry of Health of Myanmar.reportStatistics on COVID-19 for the last 24 hours Confirmed 1,312 new cases, increasing the cumulative number of infections to at least 41,008 since the first case was found on March 23. At least 21,144 people who received […]

[뉴욕증시 마감] Uncertainty persists in concluding US stimulus plan

On the 23rd (local time), the New York Stock Market closed mixed tax. Negotiations on additional stimulus measures related to Corona 19 are continuing, but the market is also shaking with no direction as it cannot come to such a conclusion. On the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Dow closed at 28,35.57, down 28.90p […]

France is infected with over a million COVID-19, while 42.4 million are sick worldwide.

Sorted in the following order .. 1.The United States, 8,745,024 infections, 229,275 deaths. 2.India, 7,813,668 infected, 117,992 deaths 3. Brazil, 5,355,650 infected, 156,528 deaths 4. Russia, 1,480,646 infected, 25,525 deaths. 5. Spain infected with 1,110,372 cases, 34,752 deaths. 6.Argentina infected with 1,069,368 cases, 28,338 deaths. 7. France, 1,041,075 cases, 34,508 deaths. 8. Colombia infected with […]

Dow Jones, oil off negative – gold slightly positive – post today financial news – stocks

Dow, oil off negative – slightly positive gold On October 24, 2020 at 7:19 a.m. Dow Jones closes at 28.09 points, investors await US stimulus measures. Oil prices were down 79 cents, while gold rose 60 cents. The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed at 28,335.57, down 28.09 or -0.1%, the S&P 500 closed at 3,465.39, […]

WHO “Instructions for use of remdesivir, coming out within 3-4 weeks”

The World Health Organization (WHO) says it is preparing guidelines for the use of the antiviral drug remdesivir, which has been controversial over the effectiveness of COVID-19 treatment. Janet Diaz, head of the WHO clinical treatment response team, said at a video press briefing on the 23rd local time, “We expect instructions to come out […]

155 new confirmed coronaviruses… The highest level in 42 days

An ambulance is entering a building in Onam-eup, Namyang-si, where a nursing home where a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) has occurred on the 23rd is located. yunhap news As group infections are on fire in high-risk facilities, such as nursing hospitals and nursing facilities, where the elderly mainly stay, new coronavirus infections (Corona 19) […]