Russia, WhatsApp and Snap Fine Data Storage Tour | Reuters

On July 28, a Russian court ordered US Snap, which operates the interactive app “WhatsApp” and photo editing sharing app “Snap Chat” under the umbrella of Meta Platforms, to pay a fine. The photo is the Russian flag. Taken in New York in September 2021 (2022 Reuters / Andrew Kelly) [Russia 28th Reuters]–On the 28th, […]

Russia to punish Wikipedia operator Ukrainian conflict tour | Reuters

On July 20, the Russian Federation Communications, Information Technology and Media Supervisory Authority announced that it would punish the Wikimedia Foundation, which operates the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, for violating the law over the Ukrainian conflict. Logo of the Russian Federation Communications, Information Technology and Media Supervisory Agency (2022 Reuters / Maxim Shemetov) [ロンドン 20日 ロイター] […]

B. Google fines $ 373 million “Don’t delete Ukrainian disinformation” | Reuters

A fine of 21.1 billion rubles ($ 373 million) from a court in the U.S. Alphabet for repeatedly failing to remove content that Russia considers illegal, such as “fake news” over the Ukrainian conflict. Was imposed. Taken in November 2021 (2022 Reuters / Andrew Kelly) [モスクワ 18日 ロイター] –Google, a subsidiary of the U.S. Alphabet, […]

Ukraine asks Turkey to investigate three Russian ships suspected of grain theft | Reuters

On July 5, Ukrainian prosecutors suspected that they were involved in the transport in a letter dated June 13 to the Turkish Ministry of Justice, alleging that they were stealing grains from Russia-occupied Ukrainian territory such as Kherson Oblast. Requested an investigation of three Russian ships. The photo is “Matros Koshka”, one of the Russian […]

EU legal proceedings to Britain on Northern Ireland issue | Reuters

On June 15, the EU issued two new legal proceedings following the announcement of a bill by the British government to unilaterally dismiss some of the Northern Ireland arrangements contained in the Brexit agreement. Another procedure, which had been started and suspended, has also resumed. The photo is the EU flag. Taken in Brussels, June […]

Hacked on Russian satellite TV, “bloody hands” and anti-war message | Reuters

On May 10th, it was discovered that Russian satellite television had changed the menu that Moscow viewers could see, displaying a message about the Ukrainian war. The picture is a screen with a message such as “Your hands are bloody”. From images obtained by Reuters (2022 Reuters / China Daily) [London 9th Reuters]–On the 9th, […]