Parinya Hom-Anek warns Thailand to deal with Digital Risk instead of Cyber ​​​​Risk, predicts that digital threats will worsen in 5 years if they do not change their perspective

Cybersecurity guru warns Thai people that it will be bad if they only look at Cyber ​​Risk, repeating that everyone has to deal with “Digital Risk” A new trend is changing the digital world completely. Repeat if you are not in a hurry to adjust your perspective Disaster can befall any person. and there will […]

Chakochan kata help, operate by means of kammiya kandam

Chakochan kata guidance, operate by way of kammiya kandam Printed: August 11, 2022, 06:00 There is a gap on the way to the theatres. Leftist cyber profiles are clamoring for a boycott of the film Kunchacko Boban Nna Than Kes Kod for the reason that of the textual content of the advert ‘Emyo Vannekane’. Opponents […]

21-year-old raped in private virtual room! Is this the beginning of a new kind of sexual violence? | Metaverse | Cyber ​​Attack | Social Media | Technology News | Social Media News | Malayalam Technology News

Horizon Worlds on Facebook (meta) accused of ‘virtually raping’ 21-year-old on Metawares According to the researcher, another person who was seen attacking in the room where he was staying was exchanging vodka liquor. The Daily Mail reports that a 21 – year – old researcher working for SumOfUs, a non – profit organization, has been […]

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 4 Mohanlal Faces Cyber ​​Attack by Dr Robin Fans After Eviction of Contestant | Dr. Rob’s fans launch cyber attack on Mohanlal

Cochin : Cyber ​​attack on actor Mohanlal in protest of the expulsion of Dr. Robin Radhakrishnan from the fourth season of Bigg Boss Malayalam. The actor did not take a stand and accused the presenting superstar of acting according to someone else’s script. Coming to Mohanlal’s social media pages in the name of Rob’s fans. […]

Cyber ​​attack on Mayor Arya Rajendran | Arya Rajendran

Thiruvananthapuram: The youngest member of the Legislative Assembly, Balussery MLA Sachin Dev, and the youngest mayor of the country, Thiruvananthapuram Mayor Arya Rajendran, are getting married. But Arya is facing a vicious cyber attack, including from pro-Sangha Parivar troll pages. Some observers and obscene trolls combine college life and friendships. Cultural leaders have also reacted […]

North Korea: North Korea makes money through cyber-attacks; New revelation

Geneva, First Published Feb 7, 2022, 5:57 PM IST Geneva: According to a new UN report, North Korea’s involvement in cryptocurrency exchange attacks is clear. This was reported by Reuters quoting a secret UN report. According to the report, North Korea is now making money through cryptocurrency exchange attacks. According to the report, financial institutions, […]