Bernie Sanders supporters booed Hillary Clinton’s name and Cynthia Nixon didn’t

Cynthia Nixon took a stand during Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) Rally in Durham, New Hampshire on Monday evening after the audience booed the mention of the name of 2016 Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. “Sex and the City” star Nixon sparked boos from Sanders supporters on the eve of Tuesday’s primary in Granite State after acknowledging […]

Cynthia Nixon wants a black person to run against Andrew Cuomo

Cynthia Nixon said in a new interview that a black person should race against Andrew Cuomo in the next Democratic primary. The left-wing “Sex and the City” star, who attempted to beat New York’s centrist governor for the 2018 party nomination, also told Variety he won’t run again in 2022. “I know we will have […]

Cynthia Nixon in hot spot for the pot industry as ‘repairs’ comment

Cynthia Nixon says marijuana can serve as a “form of redress” for blacks. 11 May 2018, 23:34 • 3 min of reading Share on FacebookShare on TwitterEmail this article Actress Cynthia Nixon, who aspires to win the New York government Democratic primary, made a series of comments about race and marijuana that created a political […]

‘I Turn the Male Gaze on Her Head’: The Woman Behind Cynthia Nixon’s Viral Video | Fashion

Within six days of being released on Vimeo and Instagram, the fashion film in which Cynthia Nixon reads a poem on the impossible standards imposed on women has amassed 20 million views worldwide and was shared by Cara Delevingne, Dua Lipa and Madonna. Going viral was one thing, but Madge’s seal of approval is another: […]

Cynthia Nixon stars in a viral video about being a woman

Cynthia Nixon narrated a powerful new video highlighting the impossible standards women are held to – and the results are a must see. The former Sex and the City actress, 53, stars in a new video produced by Paul McLean for Girls. Girls. Girls. magazine that sees her perform the 2017 piece by writer Camille […]

Streaming now: “Ratched” | Movie

I knew Nurse Ratched, or at least had seen her after she appeared in a local theatrical production of Dale Wasserman’s play, “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” based on the legendary Ken Kesey novel. As portrayed in the 1980s by the great Rosemary Crawford, the character was outstanding and certainly formidable. Audiences got another […]

Three Frosés for Cynthia Nixon

On Wednesday evening, Governor Andrew Cuomo discussed Cynthia Nixon, actress, activist and now candidate for governor, at Hofstra University in the only debate ahead of next month’s Democratic primary. The debate was not open to the public. So people gathered in their apartments, a gastropub in Queens, a hybrid bar-restaurant-cinema-cinema in Bushwick, and Applebee’s in […]

Cynthia Nixon on women, politics and why she joined Ratched

In Ratched, Cynthia Nixon she plays a strong woman with political aspirations who falls in love with another woman and then suffers a breast cancer scare. But even though these are all things she’s done in her life, she’s still not sure if Ryan Murphy actually created the part with her in mind. At least, […]

Cynthia Nixon on the character of Ratched, Sarah Paulson’s lesbian romance

Cynthia Nixon on the character of Ratched, Sarah Paulson’s lesbian romance | Skip to content Top navigation Close Look at the picture RatchedCynthia Nixon reveals who should have died, dishes in that sexy scene of eating oysters this link takes you to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. .

Cynthia Nixon on the run for office: “People can have many careers in their life”

These are partisan times in THIS UNITED STATES. Let’s trace some of the candidates and problems during this election year, starting with a well-known dark horse our Erin Moriarty followed: Cynthia Nixon’s face is instantly recognizable thanks to that hit TV show “Sex and the City” and 40 years of stage and screen appearances, but […]