Park Ji won, ‘There is no record of success as the government suppresses the media’ while ‘excepting MBC’s exclusive plane’

Park Ji-won, former director of the National Intelligence Service. random news Park Ji-won, former head of the National Intelligence Service, said in response to the Presidential Office’s measures to ban MBC reporters from boarding the presidential plane, “The only thought is ‘This shouldn’t be true’.” Former Director Park wrote on his Facebook on the 10th, […]

India opened to the planet NS Madhavan | 75 many years of Indian Independence

A nation of numerous regional cultures, languages ​​and traditions, India has not only existed for 75 decades, but its integrity has not faced any major worries. The previous Soviet Union was a significant nation equivalent to India in this respect. There ended up several languages, religions and cultures. And however that kingdom only lasted 69 […]

‘India’s toughness lies in the existence of states No, slim politics’ – 75 a long time of Indian Independence | Shashi Tharoor Independence Day Unique

Aside from being a people’s agent, Shashi Tharoor is also a political thinker. Acquiring already gained international consideration as a diplomat and writer, Tharoor entered politics by rewriting the common perceptions of politicians. On this historic occasion when impartial India completes 75 yrs, Shashi Tharoor MP talks about democracy which is the foundation of our […]

Xi Jinping blames ‘Western democracy’ for war – Post Today

Xi Jinping blames ‘Western Democracy’ as the cause of the war. Date 17 June 2022 time 12:30 The Chinese leader said some Western countries have used democracy as an excuse to interfere with others. The South China Morning Post reported that President Xi Jinping told top Chinese officials earlier this year that Promoting Western democracy […]