La Montaña Central Leonesa refuses to “mortgage the mountains” to build wind farms

The platform for the future of the central mountain of Leonesa holds a meeting with entities opposed to the wind farm projects for the mountain of León. In the picture, the president of the platform, Esther Domínguez. / Campillo / ICAL Miriam Badiola / ICAL | 27/09/2020 – 13:05 Leonesa’s Platform for the Future of […]

Russia denies radiation incident despite striking measurements in Northern Europe

The registered particles, according to the international organization, are the result of a nuclear fission caused by humans. The Swedish and Finnish nuclear authorities have also measured unusual radiation. However, according to the Finnish authority STUK, the concentrations were so low that they may have been released under normal use of a nuclear reactor. The […]

Congress to learn about Russian bonuses plot as Trump denies knowledge – live | US news

… And welcome to another day of coverage politics in the United States, the coronavirus epidemic in the United States, protests against police brutality and structural racism in the United Statesand all the rest. The Washington Post followed the New York Times on Sunday evening scoop and said “Russian bonuses offered to militants linked to […]

Seven stars ‘flatly denies’ the incident

Former Channel 7 star Ryan Phelan said he “flatly denies” the charges of assault against him before facing court on Tuesday. Phelan’s “devastated” girlfriend, Chelsea Franklin, reportedly filed a police complaint with him earlier this month. The old Daily Edition host, who was sacked on June 19, was accused of assault causing bodily harm against […]

A nuclear fuel leak, Rosenergoatom denies

The first signals about the traces of radioactive substances were given by Finland’s nuclear security services, Norway and Sweden – he writes on his BBC website. On Friday, information about a higher than usual level of isotopes in the atmosphere also confirmed the Organization of the Treaty on the Total Prohibition of Nuclear Tests (CTBTO). […]

Former host Ryan Phelan denies assaulting girlfriend

On the eve of his court appearance, former Channel Seven figure Ryan Phelan denied “unequivocally” that he assaulted his girlfriend. A statement released Monday afternoon by his lawyer Claudette Chau said: “The allegation is unequivocally denied by our client”. Ryan Phelan with girlfriend Chelsea Franklin.Credit:Instagram: @ryanphelan_tv Phelan’s girlfriend, ballet teacher Chelsea Franklin, 44, went to […]

Russia denies the connection with the increased level of radionuclides in the Baltic Sea region – Abroad – News

Last week, Finland, Norway and Sweden found unusually high levels of three radionuclides, cesium-134, cesium-137 and ruthenium-103. The level of isotopes is higher than usual, but still harmless, but its possible source could be somewhere near the Baltic Sea, Reuters reported. After analyzing the data, the Dutch Public Health Service assumed that the material came […]

Trump denies being informed of Russian ‘bonus payments’ to Taliban for killing British and American troops

Donald Trump denied having been informed by intelligence officials that the Russians had offered bonuses to the Taliban for killing British and American soldiers in Afghanistan. The news about the Russian premiums, first published in the New York Times, was confirmed by other major American media over the weekend. According to reports, Mr. Trump, who […]

Muñoz Ledo denies resigning Morena; “Let the lambiscones go,” he says

He federal deputy Porfirio Muñoz Ledo he rejected having renounced his militancy in Brunette and he declared himself firm in that political force, but on the side of the congruent, “let the Lambiscones and the corrupt leave the party,” he sentenced. Faced with rumors that would point to an alleged resignation to Morenism, the legislator […]

Trump denies receiving intelligence on alleged Russian plan against US soldiers

President Trump denied receiving intelligence on a suspected plan by Russian officials. Under the alleged plan, Russia offered the Taliban money to kill US soldiers. Previously, the White House assured that the president had not received information in this regard, but did not deny the validity of the report. CNN has contacted half a dozen […]