“Brother Nu” insists on accepting marijuana, diary plan Don’t be afraid to be blocked. If you care about the people, you have to leave the km, not demolish the body.

“Brother Nu” supported the acceptance of marijuana, diary plans because he was pushing. No-Marijuana Demo Plan Don’t fear that marijuana policies will be blocked. There are other policies. He said that if people are concerned, they must issue a draft of the Marijuana Act, not reverse it. But if it is actually reversed, there is […]

“Anutin” promotes Ramat Mae Hospital to develop caesarean section, have a child’s ICU to care for people in remote areas. hill tribe opium therapy

“Anutin” visits Mae Ramat Hospital, Tak Province to monitor work in remote areas Found to have developed until it can operate all the time There is a pediatric ICU, hill load opioid treatment. Worried about being less embarrassed, having more chronic illnesses, sending Volunteers to take care of health promotion On 30 October, Mr Anutin […]

“Anutin” worries that people stop vaccinating with only the third dose of Covid-19 The cause of the trend began to decline to normal, sending the VHV to stimulate the connection.

“Anutin” notes that the trend of “Covid” is still falling, worries that people will stop vaccinating with only the third injection. The situation started normally, although 4 injections are safer. Infected with mild symptoms, no deaths, sent to the villagers to take care of villagers to get more needles, especially 608, who injected only 43.4%, […]