Launch of KKBOX REWIND 2022 Annual Review Function Simultaneously Launch of New “Super Power Psychological Test” – Page 1 – Mobile Software Comprehensive Field Discussion Area

【Source / KKBOX】 KKBOX, the most influential audio community brand in Asia, launched the annual review KKBOX REWIND 2022 today (1) Super power monsters and situational playlists show personalized features, so that more listeners who love music and podcasts can participate in the fun, and explore their own characteristics and unique charm. The trend of […]

The sustainable development mobile phone Fairphone 4 5G has passed NCC certification and is said to be launched in December- Page 1- Mobile phone comprehensive area discussion area

Fairphone, with the concept of sustainable development, launches a new generation of the Fairphone 4 5G mobile phone. It maintains the original modular design and easy maintenance, and upgrades the 5G network support. It has recently passed Taiwan’s NCC certification and will be presented by agents. It can be officially listed in Taiwan in December. […]