Half a year after the divorce, the son could not recognize his father… He broke down and cried, his ex-wife sighed: I was kicked out by my husband’s family and blocked | International | QUANTITY

A man from Henan Province in mainland China went to visit his son at his ex-wife’s house after his divorce, and unexpectedly, his son no longer recognized him as his father. (Photo / Review from Weibo / Time Video) Facing family members you only see once in a long time, it is inevitable that you […]

Fukuhara Ai dating Yokohama man “physically and mentally exhausted”, the man Fang Zhenggong angrily reveals the contents of “Penguin’s Love Letter” | Entertainment | QUANTITY

Fukuhara Ai is married to a man from Yokohama, and now he has been sued by the ex-wife of the other party, and the contents of the love letter have even been revealed. (Photo/Photo taken from Fukuhara Ai Facebook) The former queen of Japanese billiards, Ai Fukuhara, was photographed dating a tall and strong man […]