Jeethu said, ‘Take Asif and throw him in the field’: Baburaj Interview

Actor Baburaj says that Jeethu Joseph’s lock beats in Kooman and the scene where Asif Ali is thrown into the mud was made without Fight Master. Baburaj says that he is able to give a good performance now because of his experience of playing villain roles in the past and the feedback he is getting […]

“My Mate Nate” generous gifts of gold necklace “Tac Pranyu”

Back again with the list “IDOL FIGHT Thailand” Season 3 A boxing arena that gathers the idols of the Thai entertainment industry Let’s challenge each other in this field, and most recently, with the final challenger. “Tack Pharanyu” a “Nate my friend Nate” who competes in a worthy competition and called The most broken Deserves […]