Nikkei reporters test drive WORLD electric SUV Nikkei Chinese website

Chinese pure electric vehicle (EV) maker BYD (BYD) is set to enter the Japanese passenger car market. It is planned to launch three models in a row, starting with the SUV which will be launched in January 2023. BYD has previously sold pure electric buses in Japan, and this is the first time to sell […]

Kyle Bass sings about the Hong Kong dollar again

The Hong Kong dollar is weak and the balance of Hong Kong’s banking system continues to decline. Kyle Bass, a hedge fund manager who has been underestimating the Hong Kong dollar many times in the past, has made another underwhelming remark a few days ago, and “brings himself up” that he is selling the Hong […]

Gongzi Club KT Club Zhu Gongzi: “Time proves everything”

“I used to be in the banking industry.” Before cryptocurrencies, Stanley Chu, like most “workers”, was very ambitious when he was just starting out, “but a 9-to-5 job is so boring, and life is completely complete. I lost the fun, so I found a way to break through myself and make more money.” Mr. Zhu, […]

China’s pure electric vehicles gradually enter the European market Nikkei Chinese website

The pure electric vehicles (EV) of Chinese companies are launching an offensive all over the world. Before Japan, it was Europe. In Europe, where the pure electric vehicle market was formed earlier than other regions, China’s pure electric vehicles have begun to gradually penetrate. Shanghai Automotive Group, a large state-owned automobile company in China, launched […]

How strong is Japan’s semiconductor lithography technology from the perspective of patents

The photolithography process of firing a circuit on a semiconductor wafer (substrate) is one of the most important processes in the semiconductor manufacturing process.The lithography equipment is based in the NetherlandsASMLMaster the overwhelming share, and without the pre- and post-processing technology related to the photolithography process, semiconductor manufacturing cannot be completed. Nikkei (Chinese version: Nikkei […]

Loving mother spends 20 million to buy 3 units of Wetland Seasons Bay and pay half of the property price to help her two sons get on the car|Hong Kong 01|Real estate property market

SHKP (0016) Tin Shui Wai Wetland Seasons Bay Phase 1 today (21st) on sale in the first round of 302 units, the discounted price ranged from 4.55 million to 11.247 million yuan, and the discounted price per square foot was from 12,375 yuan to 18,850 yuan. The project attracted many large-scale buyers. The He family […]