They find lifeless father and son from Saltillenses in the Huasteca Potosina

The situation, deployed an operation by authorities of Public Security, Civil Protection, Fire, Volunteers and other municipal authorities near the Aquismón area, San Luis Potosí, with crews of more than fifty people, including divers and boatmen who they searched between the Gallinas and Tampaón rivers for traces of the lost. Rodolfo Adrián, father of 40 […]

Aston Villa struggles to find the right balance between attack and defense

LONDON, ENGLAND – July 27: Assistant head coach John Terry speaks with Aston Villa manager Dean Smith during the pre-season friendly match between Charlton and Aston Villa at The Valley on July 27, 2019 in London, England England. (Photo by Naomi Baker / Getty Images) After 4 games played since the return of football, Aston […]

Brook Park couple find pepperoni swastika on their Little Caesars pizza

Employees laid off after Saturday’s incident by: PJ Ziegler Posted: June 28, 2020/09: 46 PM EDT / Updated: June 28, 2020 / 10:56 PM EDT BROOK PARK, Ohio (WJW) – One of Little Caesars ‘Hot N’ Ready pizzas recently left the customer furious. Jason Laska stopped at the Little Caesars store on Smith and Snow […]

Research: young men do not find a ‘no’ mitigating rape

One in five men in the Netherlands between the ages of 16 and 35 do not find a clear ‘no’ an attenuating circumstance for rape. This is evident from research by I&O Research commissioned by Amnesty International. The investigation was prompted by a bill by Minister Grapperhaus. Under current law, there is no rape until […]

Girl kicks swan in front of camera, police calls to find her

A girl was filmed kicking a swan before another person pushed a worried spectator down the channel. Superintendent Andy Cox of the Metropolitan Police made an appeal to find the youth after the “terrible” cruelty to animals. A dozen young people were involved in the shocking incident in Limehouse in east London on Friday. In […]

From Los Angeles: Angel Food project raises $ 700,000 in emergency telethon: find out who did what and how to donate

Home Celebrity From Los Angeles: Project Angel Food raises $ 700,000 in emergency telethon: See … Our friends in Los Angeles are working so hard on Project Angel Food, the West Coast equivalent of God’s Love We Deliver from New York. People are in desperate need of food right now! The Angel Food project raised […]

MRI for patients with heart disease could be used to find aggressive cancers in children | News

According to new research, a type of MRI regularly used on patients with heart disease could also be used to detect aggressive cancers in children. The imaging technique, known as T1 mapping, measures the interaction of water molecules inside cells at a microscopic level. In heart disease, this allows doctors to assess damage to heart […]

School and return in September, what students will find: “fragile” teachers, bus full and full time at risk

Somehow in the end the spaces will be found and where there will be insufficient shifts will take place and lessons will be shortened. But these are not the only problems that worry the principals who are reading the school plan for the next school year. Will all the professors be there to welcome the […]

One last challenge? – Lichtsteiner must find a new club

Lucerne leaves Augsburg after a Bundesliga season. Will he extend his career elsewhere? Sport-Center Updated 58 minutes ago Stefan Lichsteiner is coming out of a mixed season in Germany. KEYSTONE Arrived at the start of the season in Augsburg when he was without club, Stefan Lichtsteiner announced that he was leaving theGerman-trained, without specifying however […]

Gravitational wave astronomers find a mysterious object in the mass ditch

Artistic representation of a black hole about to swallow a neutron star. Credit: Carl Knox, OzGrav ARC Center of Excellence For decades, astronomers have been intrigued by a gap between neutron stars and black holes, but a major new discovery has found a mysterious object in what is known as the “mass gap”. The group […]