Beware of boiling eggs immediately after taking them out of the refrigerator … Find out why

Boiled eggs are important nutrients and proteins important to the human body and care must be taken to eat them as a healthy snack or eggs are considered part of a balanced meal because it contains minerals and vitamins important to public health and the body. Egg boiling warnings immediately after taking them out of […]

Scientists find spider wearing “ Joker ” makeup, name it after Batman’s villain

A novelty spider The species has a striking red and white pattern on its back that resembles the smile worn by Batman’s longtime nemesis, the Joker. The resemblance is so strange that the researchers who described the arachnid named the species after actor Joaquin Phoenix, who portrayed the tormented and smiling villain in the 2019 […]

Real Madrid basketball players overtake Spanish champions; Schmidt and Kuruch find out their opponents in the semifinals

The Real Madrid team lost hope on Friday to enter the semifinals of the Spanish Premier League (ACB) season finale, ending the championship. Real’s fate was decided in a Group B game in which the host of the tournament, Valencia, defeated Herbalife, Gran Canaria, with a score of 97:81 (29:23, 22:21, 26:12, 20:25). Jordan Lloyd […]