“Flood in Korat” warns 20 districts, 9,000 households under water Reservoir situation update

Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Division, Nakhon Ratchasima Province The announcement emphasizes people to be careful of dangers “heavy rain” wind of windarainbuild up, which can causeflash floodAnd wild water flows, especially on hillsides near waterways and in marshy areas. He also announced that “flood warningIn 20 areas, where the flood situation has affected almost 9,000 […]

check out the flash flood view place Wild drinking water is flowing “flooding”

On September 12, 2022, the Central Catastrophe Avoidance and Mitigation Division (PWA) reportforecastaawake at 8:00 am Flash flood viewing spot Wild h2o is flowing “flooding” the North Mae Hong Son Province (Mueang District, Pai, Pang Mapha) Chiang Mai Province (Fang District, Chom Thong, Chiang Dao, Kalayani Vadhana, Mae Ai) Chiang Rai Province (Mae Suai, Mae […]

“Rangsit” flood this morning, Khu Khot flood 30 cm.

(9 September 2022) Flood situation in Pathum Thani province. At 7:00 am back, at the Pak Khlong sluice and semi-long lasting pumping stationRangsitPrayoonsak, Ban Mai Subdistrict, Mueang Pathum Thani District There was a industry go to to keep track of the water circumstance and to set up a drinking water pump to improve the drainage […]

The newest “Phuket floods”, Phuket Airport issued an crucial announcement right after weighty rain

(2 September 2022) Phuket Airport concern a statement of the circumstance”Phuket floodsafter obtainingsignificant rainconsistently end result infloodmany points “considering the fact that climate in the province spacePhuket significant rainconsistently lead to flooding in lots of parts Ask vacationers to allow for some time to journey to itPhuket Airportat minimum 3-4 hrs. For extra facts, call […]

The Meteorological Department has published the 11th edition of “Temper Mulan” warning 14 states of heavy to very heavy rain.

publishmeteorological department “Mulan’s depression“No. 11 dated August 11, 2022 At 22.00 today (11 August 65) Depression “Mulan” Southern Yunnan Province, China, with a center about 180 kilometers north of Chiang Rai Province, or latitude 22.0 degrees north, longitude 100.5 degrees east, with a maximum wind speed near the center of about 50 kilometers per hour. […]