8 defendants in the FOREX-3D case hope to escape prison according to “Pinky” but they are heavy in insurance! The court said there was no reason to change the original order.

The Criminal Court rejected the petition of 8 defendants in the FOREX-3D case, presenting bail “Pinky-Savika”, but the heavy weight of the bail, the court noted that there was no reason to change the original order. Today (December 1) at the Criminal Court, Ratchadaphisek Road, reporters reported today that there are 8 relatives of the […]

Horse Onnapha reveals that he will hold a press conference on 30 November.

Recently, Ornapha has posted that I heard that the news reporters were going to wait for Phi Ma at the airport on the 29th the plane landed very late. Guys, don’t wait. Let’s meet on November 30th at 3pm at MYT Krungthep Kreetha Studio. I’m ready to talk to everyone. Thank you journalists for your […]

The representative of the lawyer “DJ Man-Bai Toei” submitted a document requesting to postpone the explanation of Forex-3D to November 1.

MGR Online – Delayed again! Attorney Attorney “DJ Man-Bai Toei” submitted a letter requesting to delay the submission of additional documents for approximately 15 days, which is expected on November 1. For Mr Pattanaphon’s case, Minthakin Sakuldeem Kunchorn Na Ayudhya or “DJ Man” and Ms Suthiwan Kunchorn or “Bai Toei” traveled to the special case […]