The official simplified Chinese version of “The Elder Scrolls Online” is out of lacquer, and netizens asked where the former “folk sinicization gods” went? |T Kebang

Developed by ZeniMax Online Studios and published with the help of Bethesda, the MMORPG game “The Elder Scrolls Online” was officially launched in April 2014. After 8 years, it finally updated the simplified Chinese language system, o’ r user interface, character dialogue subtitles, furniture and equipment texts, etc. Chinese culture. However, many players entered the […]

Paying homage to 1950s horror movies, narrative horror game “Hunter” will launch “retro 1950s character costumes” for free download before Halloween | T Kebang

2K and Supermassive Games teamed up today to unveil new retro costumes for the characters inspired by the horror styles of the 1950s for Escape Games, echoing the spooky atmosphere of Halloween! Officials have also released a new promotional video (18+), as well as a cinematic poster full of 1950s horror movie vibes. Clothing inspired […]

Yoshida Shuhei explained how PS considers the game subscription system, why isn’t it like logging into XGP at the same time when Xbox first party games are launched? |T Kebang

At GI Live in London, at a gaming conference hosted by, Shuhei Yoshida, former president of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s SIE Worldwide Studios and head of PlayStation’s indie game program, spoke about Sony’s approach to improving the PS Plus service, especially from part of his top-of-the-line Extra Version. Unlike Microsoft’s Game Pass subscription service, most […]