Zhang Xiaoquan, general manager, said that the way Chinese people cut vegetables is not right. Netizens opened the Tucao mode – People – cnBeta.COM

The controversy caused by a kitchen knife continues, but Zhang Xiaoquan’s official statement has once again aroused complaints from netizens. Recently, a woman in Guangzhou bought a Zhang Xiaoquan kitchen knife. When someone tried to smash garlic with the kitchen knife, the blade broke. She complained to the customer service, “I have never seen such […]

The heyday of ‘ministers’ viewed through hydrogen equipment

[월간수소경제 성재경 기자] We covered Elf System, which has been in the fuel cell metal separator business for about 20 years in Changwon. This year, a new factory was opened on the upper part of the mourning clothes, and the ‘direct-acting high-precision servo press’ equipment was newly built. Elf System is a company specializing in […]

Kim Man-bae and Nam-wook’s arrest period extended by up to 6 months

(From left) Yoo Dong-gyu – Kim Man-bae – Nam-wook – Jung Min-yong. File photo Yonhap News The arrest period of Kim Man-bae, the major shareholder of Hwacheon Daeyu Asset Management (Hwacheon Daeyu), and lawyer Nam Wook, who were indicted in the case of Daejang-dong development lobbying and preferential treatment, were extended by up to six […]

Lu Dongsheng, general manager of ZCE

Summary [Lu Dongsheng, General Manager of ZCE: Promoting the research and development of PX, bottle flakes, filament and other varieties]Lu Dongsheng, General Manager of ZCE, said that in October this year, ZCE’s legal person holdings accounted for 64%, an increase of 12% year-on-year . Next, in terms of continuing to enhance its international influence, ZCE […]

Ministry of Science and ICT, “Strengthening support for small, department, and chapter to secure future competitiveness”… Confirmation of R&D support policy for next year

The Ministry of Science and ICT has announced that it will promote a policy to support small managers from 2022 onwards. (Photo = Shutterstock) The Ministry of Science and ICT (Minister Hye-sook Lim, hereinafter referred to as the Ministry of Science and ICT) has materialized the R&D policy for materials, parts, and equipment (minister manager) […]