Hulu removes “Golden Girls” episode with Blackface joke, drawing criticism

“Daddy’s Girls“Fans are not happy with Hulu after the streamer released an episode of the series to refer to blackface. Hulu’s removal of the season 3 episode “Mixed Blessings” followed in the footsteps of other shows drawing similar content in light of the Black Lives Matter movement which occupies a central place in America and […]

The episodes of the Golden Girls removed from Hulu for a joke on Blackface

Hulu deleted an episode of the Golden Girls for a blackface joke, which starred street stars McClanahan and Betty White wearing mud masks. In the Mixed Blessings episode, aired in 1988, Dorothy (Bea Arthur) son Michael (Scott Jacoby) announces his intention to marry an older black woman, despite his mother’s hesitations about their significant age […]