Who says air restrictions don’t work? Taiwan Cement, Cathay Pacific… 17 stock buy orders will emerge! FCA’s trump card must be paid “sooner or later” – Today Weekly

It was only when the stock market was in a panic and investors were panicking and selling stocks that the Financial Supervisory Commission finally acted. The focus of this shot is on the “air limit order”. Two main measures are proposed: (1) reducing the number of lending orders and selling internal securities from 30% to […]

Stock prices of Cathay Pacific Gold and Fubon Gold have been falling, which should you choose for financial stocks? 20 years of Taiwan stockholders: One reason, I choose Fubon Gold- Today Weekly

At the beginning of the month, I published an article about Cathay Pacific Gold (2882) and Fubon Gold (2881) The conclusion is that from the point of view of the yield rate, if the stock price falls further, the potential yield rate of dividend distribution will be the year next in There are more than […]