Open for “Lottery Savings” sale, 2 years old, 1.45% return, check conditions here

latest Government Housing Bank GH Bank make a product “Savings Lottery” GH Bank Vimanmek Plus Set, Premium Savings Lottery, 1 million baht per unit, 27,000 units, divided into 3 categories, 9,000 units per unit, total limit of 27 billion baht, 2 years lottery validity, when the deposit due, will receive 1.45% return per annum on […]

Sustainable debt restructuring measures GH Bank checks the latest conditions!

today’s news Who is the debtor of the Bank of Thailand? or Government Housing Bank and want to restructure the debt Come, let’s study the details of the latest project. Sustainable debt restructuring measures Check the latest conditions! for sustainable debt restructuring measures Extend the period of assistance to existing customers who are in the […]