CBOT Commodity Industry Disorders: Grain Contracts Stop No Way | RYT9

Buying and selling on the CBOT commodity market shut Wednesday (August 17) grain contracts unchanged. Corn and soybean futures rose. although the wheat upcoming fell Xinhua information company explained that Corn contract for December shipping Wheat rose 1.75 cents, or .29%, to shut at $6.12 a bushel, December wheat shipping and delivery. It was down […]

Very first Ukrainian grain ship partly unloaded in Turkey, then to Egypt | Reuters

The very first cargo ship to resume grain exports from Ukraine will unload aspect of its cargo in Turkey just before heading to Egypt, the ship’s agent said. The photograph is the to start with “Lazoni” flight. This image was taken around Istanbul on August 3, 2022. REUTERS/Mehmet Emin Caliskan/File Picture [イスタンブール/キーウ 11日 ロイター] – The initial […]

Ukrainian grain export agreement does not lead to resumption of ceasefire negotiations = Russian negotiator | Reuters

Russia’s Rep. Leonid Sultsky, who participated in the ceasefire negotiations with Ukraine, said on the 15th that although an agreement was reached on Ukraine’s grain exports, this would not lead to resumption of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine. Taken in July 2020 near Kyiv (2022 Reuters / Valentyn Ogirenko) [モスクワ 15日 ロイター] –Russia’s Leonid Sultsky, […]

Ukraine asks Turkey to investigate three Russian ships suspected of grain theft | Reuters

On July 5, Ukrainian prosecutors suspected that they were involved in the transport in a letter dated June 13 to the Turkish Ministry of Justice, alleging that they were stealing grains from Russia-occupied Ukrainian territory such as Kherson Oblast. Requested an investigation of three Russian ships. The photo is “Matros Koshka”, one of the Russian […]

“Russia destroys food warehouses in Odessa,” fears about delays in grain exports

14 missile attacks A Caliber Cruise missile is being launched from Russia’s Black Sea Fleet on the 19th (local time). Black Sea/AP Yonhap News A Russian missile strike destroys a food warehouse in the southern Ukrainian port city of Odessa, the Ukrainian military said on Monday. Ukrainian forces claim that Russian forces have fired 14 […]

Biden: Temporary warehouses set up in Poland, etc. to export grain to Ukraine

Lack of space to store grain due to prolonged warTemporary storage required to move via rail ▲ U.S. President Joe Biden speaks at the AFL-CIO meeting held in Philadelphia on the 14th (local time). Philadelphia/AP News The United States is likely to build temporary granaries along the border with Ukraine, including Poland, to help export […]