Tekken 8 will be featured at The Game Awards

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn Earlier this fall, we finally received an announcement for the next installment in the Tekken franchise. Here, the somewhat dysfunctional Mishima family will continue to solve problems with their fists, which often lead to very interesting matches. Considering how good Tekken 7 has been and all the first class post-launch […]

“Blank Paper Revolution” Regrets Not Supporting Hong Kong After Chinese Netizens Apologize To People-International-Liberty Times Hong Kong Newsletter

On the 29th, Chinese students at the University of Hong Kong held a blank paper to support the “blank paper revolution” in China. (Reuters) 2022/11/30 05:43 First post 00:37update time 06:43 [Canolfan Newyddion Rhyngwladol / Adroddiad Cynhwysfawr]The “White Paper Movement” which opposed the prevention and control of the epidemic and demanded freedom and democracy started […]

Street Fighter 6 is rated – Hong Kong Sina

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn Age rating organizations tend to be great sources of unannounced video game news in general, and often drop upcoming games and favorites, along with information on what to expect. But the age rating itself can tell us something, even if we already know the game beforehand and don’t reveal anything […]

Multibank Group Announces HQ Move from Hong Kong to Dubai | RYT9

Executives and dignitaries from the trading community enjoyed an epic evening of entertainment and networking at the 2022 Gala Dinner. Since its establishment in 2005, MultiBank Group has developed into the world’s largest financial derivatives trading organisation. And in October 2022, Multibank Group moved its headquarters from Hong Kong to Dubai. United Arab Emirates According […]

Lamborghini parked indiscriminately and “the car was locked in 10 seconds” The hot female car owner was so helpless… Real identity discovered online | International | QUANTITY

Shatian Hong Kong’s No. 1 City Lock Team has become a hot topic recently. When someone parks illegally, the lock team will immediately send to lock the car quickly. The car needs to pay 320 of Hong Kong dollars (about NT$1273) to unlock. Yesterday (17th) a famous female Lamborghini driver drove to a supermarket to […]

Xbox has already started a big Black Friday sale – yqqlm

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn With only a week left until Black Friday, Black Friday has turned into a full week (or longer) of shopping for most companies. While the discounts on these long-term sales aren’t as good as they often were, there are still plenty of deals to be had, especially when it comes […]

Marvel presents Abbey – Hong Kong Sina

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn Welcome to the Abbey” is the title of Marvel’s latest trailer for Midnight Sun, and it basically introduces us to The Abbey. What’s up? Well, it’s basically your home and hub world where you can hang out, make decisions and switch things up between missions. This spooky old place doesn’t […]

Vampire Survivors Got Touch Controls – Sina Hong Kong

address: Jonas Maki – Gamereactor.cn Poncle’s Vampire Survivor was a hit when it was released on PC last month. Its addictive gameplay involves surviving waves of attacking monsters, and new audiences joined the Xbox fun a week ago after it was added to Game Pass. Playing is now easier than ever, as Poncle has added […]