The L&C nursing graduate sets goals on the doctoral degree

The graduate in nursing medicine focuses on a PhD | .

Officials concerned after staff reductions, closures in state hospitals

Hospital closings and workforce reductions are taking place across the state at a time when experts say Western Virginians need health care most. Hear the story here. This week, West Virginia senator Joe Manchin announced a reduction in the workforce at Wheeling Hospital due to a drop in pandemic-related revenue and a pending deal. Wheeling […]

Flu and pneumonia deaths are now three times higher than coronavirus after a sharp drop

Nearly three times as many people in England and Wales are dying of flu and pneumonia than coronavirus after a sharp drop in Covid-19 victims in the past few weeks. ONS data show that 917 deaths from flu and pneumonia were recorded for the week ending July 10. But 366 people died that week after […]

Covid-19: nurses who didn’t wear masks led to the closure of A&E, according to investigations | News in the UK

Nurses who were not wearing masks or who were two meters away led to a burst of Covid-19 which shut down an emergency room unit after 70 hospital employees had to go into quarantine. An investigation by Hillingdon Hospital in north-west London found that a nurse who had unintentionally infected the coronavirus with 16 others […]

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States is increasing amid pressures on hospitals

Cases of the new coronavirus continued to increase over the weekend in the United States, while parts of the country have withdrawn their reopenings and some have faced pressures on hospital and testing capacity. As of Sunday, nearly 39,000 cases were registered across the country, according to data from Johns Hopkins University. This is the […]

Swiss healthcare system – “Huge savings potential in hospitals”

The coronavirus crisis has shown that hospital supply needs to be improved, says Santésuisse. By gaining flexibility in particular. Updated 43 minutes ago Santésuisse president Heinz Brand suggests several avenues for optimizing the health system (archives). KEYSTONE “In Switzerland, there is still the potential for considerable savings in hospitals,” according to the president of the […]

“Hospitals are full of new people who thought Covid didn’t reach them”, warns Filipe Froes

The consultant to the Directorate-General for Health says that there are three conclusions to be taken into account. First of all, this problem is not local, but at all, because the virus has no borders. With the SARS-CoV-2 installed in the Metropolitan Area of ​​Lisbon, it quickly reaches other regions. Another problem is related to […]

Mumbai hospitals report seeing symptoms of Kawasaki disease in young COVID-19 patients

Mumbai hospitals report seeing symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease in young patients with COVID-19 | Photo credit: iStock Images New Delhi: Many young COVID-19 patients in Mumbai have reported symptoms similar to Kawasaki disease, a disease that causes inflammation of the blood vessels and mainly affects children under the age of five amid increasing cases […]

The government of Juan Guaidó revealed the alarming shortage of supplies that Venezuelan hospitals suffer to deal with the coronavirus

Venezuelan hospitals suffer a severe shortage of basic supplies to care for patients with coronavirus (REUTERS / Manuel Alvarado) The situation of the health sector in Venezuela has been extremely serious for years. However, the arrival of the coronavirus further worsened the reality of the Caribbean country. The interim government of Juan Guaidó disclosed this […]

Lisbon hospitals almost at the limit of admissions by Covid-19

Want to share this article? Some hospitals in the Lisbon region are reaching the limit of admissions by Covid 19. Doctors accuse health authorities of uncoordination. Hospital Amadora Sintra admits that it has already been forced to transfer patients, due to lack of capacity.