Pigs in Need sues slaughterhouse for drowning animals in hot water

The Pig in Need Foundation has filed a complaint against a slaughterhouse that allegedly drowned pigs in hot water. According to the foundation, things went wrong repeatedly at the company last year. It is against the law to slaughter pigs consciously, with the exception of ritual slaughter. It is also prohibited by law to hurt […]

Jade Hallyday as a couple, Laura Smet shocked by Jade’s darling, it’s hot!

Jade Hallyday: On December 5, 2017, France lost one of its greatest artists, Johnny Hallyday. Since that day, Laetitia and her daughters have been trying to resume a normal life and it is not easy every day. Today, Jade has finally found the man of his life, his best friend Tristan Garnier Labadie. The end […]

Scientists develop new method to detect potential hot spots for increased spread of Covid-19

Researchers have developed a new, non-invasive strategy to use data from existing cellular wireless networks to identify potential hotspots for the further spread of COVID-19, a breakthrough that may help contain the pandemic. Scientists, including Edwin Chong of Colorado State University in the United States, say the new technique can help identify the busiest areas, […]

A hot summer but under control is coming: here is the user manual to follow for a stay at sea

Summer promises to be hot and crowded at the North Sea. But all this will be well framed, before and especially during your visit. The beginning of the summer holidays is approaching, and these first days of hot weather have already shown a trend: the Belgians are rushing towards the Coast. We have been talking […]

COVID-19 hot spots in Melbourne were struck by flash tests; Madeleine McCann new details; Global death toll from coronavirus exceeds 500,000

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is confident that Victoria will be able to weather an outbreak of coronavirus. Morrison said the federal and other state governments are supporting Victoria, which yesterday saw 49 new confirmed coronavirus cases. He followed 41 other COVID-19 cases identified in Victoria on Saturday. This morning it was revealed that a worker […]

Volkswagen ID 3 R: a hot electric hatch for the launch in 2024

A free software update will be offered once the systems are available. First time buyers can also choose to delay receiving their ID 3 until the systems are fully ready. The ID 3 will eventually be sold with three battery capacities and two power outputs. The first edition, which has been offered to people who […]

COVID-19 hot spots in Melbourne were struck by flash tests; Madeleine McCann new details; Global death toll from coronavirus exceeds 500,000

Another tragic milestone was reached in the coronavirus pandemic: 500,000 deaths worldwide. The reported count comes from researchers at Johns Hopkins University. About 1 in 4 deaths – more than 125,000 – have been reported in the United States. The country with the highest death toll is Brazil, with more than 57,000 people, or about […]

Music for sex. Let’s listen to Bach and the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to explore

At the same time, the coronavirus crisis and the destruction of the spinal cord that it brought brought about the impact of the whole case. While many intimate moments in the last year before a veee in a restaurant or a night in a club, how do people indulge in a seductive atmosphere in a […]

Scientists reveal why meat processing facilities have become hot spots for coronaviruses

There have been so many outbreaks in meat packing plants around the world that scientists are now examining whether the environment inside the plants could be part of the problem. The Melbourne Abbey, Cedar Meats, had over 110 cases of coronavirus linked to it after an epidemic started in April. In the video above: Cedar […]