The number of registered vehicles in the second quarter was 25.21 million… More eco-friendly cars and fewer diesel cars – Policy News | news

In the second quarter of this year, while the number of registered cars in Korea increased slightly, eco-friendly cars increased and diesel cars decreased. The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport announced on the 21st that the cumulative number of registered vehicles in the second quarter of 2022 was 25,215,000, up 0.6% (145,000) from the […]

Government vehicle purchase subsidy, reorganization focusing on electric and hydrogen vehicles

[스페셜타임스 정시환 기자] Hello, this is the video news team of Special Times, an internet media company. This news is related to government vehicle purchase subsidies and reorganization focusing on electric and hydrogen vehicles. The government is pushing for a plan to reorganize vehicle purchase subsidies and tax support to focus on electric and hydrogen […]

[재택플러스] Should I buy an electric car next year?

◀ anchor ▶ This week, I continue to look forward to the new year in each field. Today we will take a look at the automotive market. The growth of electric vehicles in the domestic and overseas markets this year has been steep. The government says it will further strengthen the eco-friendly vehicle supply policy […]

Hyundai Motor, ‘Electric Vehicles, Hydrogen Vehicles, and Robots’ Equipped with a Future Mobility Company

Hello. Reporter Seo Jae-chang | Hyundai Motor Group is accelerating its transformation from a traditional automobile manufacturer to a future mobility company. Hyundai Motor Company announced that it will stop selling internal combustion engine vehicles in Korea by 2040, and is spurring efforts to strengthen future new businesses such as electrification, hydrogen, and robotics. According […]