Sex, Cycling, and Wrestling: A summary of my block reading

The late Lord Quinton, when asked “what is philosophy?” he had an answer as good as anyone else. Philosophy, he replied, is “thinking about thinking”. This is a great answer because it clarifies absolutely nothing. What is “thought”? Is the “thought” in the first part of the definition the same as the “thought” in the […]

Nurses on the forefront of pandemics: current articles: South Florida hospital news

By Lois Thomson A month after Cindy L. Munro assumed the presidency of the University of Miami’s School of Nursing and Health Studies, Hurricane Irma hit Florida. Three hurricane seasons later, South Florida is plunged into another type of storm: the COVID-19 pandemic. But the idea of ​​a pandemic did not take Dean Munro by […]

DfT has “no idea what to do,” say top railway insiders

Strategic indecision and a complete leadership vacuum paralyzed the railway strategy of the government and the Department of Transport. “Ministers don’t know what to do,” said senior official RAIL source close to the discussions. “It’s the real story right now. I wouldn’t credit them for having a plan. They do not have any. “The government […]

Rossi-Lorenzo Setim in MotoGP 2021? Rossi’s Father Said Good Idea!

Milan – Graziano Rossi, father Valentino Rossi, apparently very enthusiastic if his son could be a teammate again next season Jorge Lorenzo of MotoGP. That was said in an interview with Corriere dello Sport quoted GPOne, when talking about the plan to move Valentino Rossi to the Yamaha Petronas SRT team in order to continue […]

Enes Kanter kisses President of Turkey with idea of ​​NBA jersey

Enes Kanter has been a staunch critic of his native Turkey and of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. If you know anything about Enes Kanter, you probably know that if he steps into Turkey, he could be arrested and locked up for a very long time. As it stands, there is an arrest warrant because he […]

Milos Raonic: “I rejected the idea of ​​playing the Adria Tour”

Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic granted an interview to TSN, where he spoke about all the news in the world of tennis and recognized that Novak Djokovic It will take a long time to regain the confidence of all the tennis players that make up the circuit, after seeing what happened a few days ago […]

A virus upsets tourism marketing and gives rise to the idea of ​​”safecations” | Health

The City of Philadelphia launched a $ 2.5 million live entertainment marketing campaign on April 15. Instead, she is developing new strategies based on research into the distance people are willing to drive and what will motivate them to travel, such as weddings and other celebrations, said Jeff Guaracino, President and CEO from Visit Philadelphia. […]

ESPN Show on LeBron James “The Decision” Confirms That the Event Was a Fan’s Idea | Laundress report

Chris Elise / Getty Images James LebronThe 2010 announcement that he was leaving the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat free agency on a special TV show called “The Decision” is one of the greatest stories in American sport of this century. Ten years later, the word emerged that the issue of a mail bag […]

“It wasn’t LeBron James’ idea”: executive producer reviews “decision” before story

It’s been 10 years since James Lebron made an infamous move from his home club Cleveland Cavaliers to Miami Heat. After entering the Cavaliers team as first choice in the general classification in 2003 NBA Drafted, James played seven years for the club. In 2010, he was double MVP and six times NBA All-Star. He […]