168 new cases have been added to the Czech Republic, testing in foci has a lot of impact on the data | Home

Prague There were 168 new cases of covid-19 in the Czech Republic, which is the highest daily finger since 11 April. Since the first infection was recorded, 11,044 cases of the disease have been confirmed in R. It follows from the data on the website of the Ministry of Health on Saturday 09:00. The daily […]

Study examines how nitrogen dioxide from gas stoves can impact the cardiovascular system

Reviewed by Emily Henderson, B.Sc.June 26, 2020 The study, published recently in Traffic research and led by a team from King’s College London, studied the impact of nitrogen dioxide on the cardiovascular system. The study looked at the blood chemistry and cardiovascular changes of 12 healthy volunteers. They sat next to a domestic gas stove […]

Largest European Tour Operator Cancels All Florida Vacation Packages Until December Due To Impact Of New Health And Safety Measures At Walt Disney World

It was reported by ABC News that the British travel giant TUI has canceled all package tours to Florida until December 2020. According to Subway, the tour operator said in a statement that “the decision was made following new health and safety measures implemented at Walt Disney World to ensure the safety of its guests. […]

Isolation and its impact on mental well-being

Going from active daily routines to repetitive days for a long time is affecting body and mind. The confinement, according to the psychologist Álvaro Martínez, is unleashing mental health problems in many people. Those who were used to going out to the office every day, then having lunch at the usual restaurant, meeting friends at […]