Porsche will launch an NFT based on the Porsche 911 early next year.

Porsche is expected to introduce NFTs in January next year and one of them will include a Porsche 911 model, and he says this is just one of the company’s strategies for moving into the world of Web 3.0. German luxury carmaker Porsche has hinted that it is accelerating its journey towards Web 3.0 following […]

TQMalpha wins ASEAN CG Scorecard 2021

TQMalpha won the ASEAN CG Scorecard for the year 2021, emphasizing its position as an organization with good corporate governance in the ASEAN region. TQMalpha or TQM Alpha Public Company Limited received the “ASEAN CG Scorecard” award for the year 2021, as it is a Thai listed company with an average assessment score in ASEAN […]

Brokers expect NIM during Q4/22 to increase by 0.05-0.15% after the MPC increased.

  Brokers expect NIM during Q4/22 to increase by 0.05-0.15% after MPC increases to support interest income Ready for year-end shopping season, recommend stocks TISCO – BBL – KTB – SCB Mr Passakorn Wangwiwatcharoen Fundamental analysts in securities Asia Plus Securities revealed to “E-Fiance Thai News Agency” after the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) raised interest rates […]

Units under Berkshire Hathaway issue a 31-year Green Bond

Bloomberg news agency reported on Wednesday (Nov. 30) that PacifiCorp Energy Company Berkshire Hathaway is selling bonds to finance a $1.1 billion green bond that will mature in 2053, is the US private sector green bond issuance. the oldest in the bond market According to the information gathered by Bloomberg says so Green Bond oh […]

“Foreigners” buy the most open stocks in the last 11 months, 2022

Open stocks “Foreigners” buy-sell the most in the 11-month period of 2022, PTTEP was the hottest, bought up to 22.7 billion baht, and MAKRO was bought the most only in November 2022, up to 6.46 billion baht. The reporter said that for the last 11 months of the year 2022 (January-Nov. 22), the overview of […]