Day to defend the title: training at home instead of at the World Cup in Hawaii – sport

Instead, everyday life is the order of the day for the 37-year-old from Bayreuth. “I will swim at 7 am as usual, do a hard run and pedal easily – a completely normal workout on Saturday,” he said in an interview for the internet portal Obviously there is no reason to fear that thoughts […]

World Cup cancellation overnight: no Ironman in Hawaii in February – sports

Kailua-Kona (dpa) – News of the painful cancellation of the legendary Ironman in Hawaii in February reached the German champions overnight. It did not come unexpectedly. “I’m obviously very sad,” said reigning champion Anne Haug from the German news agency, “but the decision is more than understandable given the current situation.” Three-time champion Jan Frodeno […]

After the cancellation of Ironman Hawaii: the challenges for the triathlete Sebastian Kienle – sporting relationships

By Jürgen Kemmner July 23, 2020 – 3:19 pm The pro triathlon Sebastian Kienle faces very special tasks during the crown crisis – be it training, the current situation of the competition or the necessary hygiene requirements. Sebastian Kienle at Ironman Hawaii last year riding the bike – at that time Mühlacker’s man finished third […]

Recognizing the actors is a generational exercise Staff columnists

Many actors are familiar to young and old. We only know them for several reasons. When people my age think of the “Avengers”, John Steed and Mrs. Peel come to mind. For young people, “The Avengers” include Iron Man and Captain America. When I hear about George Martin, I think of the guy who produced […]