“IT retail stock” mess! The Foxconn crisis caused a shortage of iPhones.

This period has become high season for the retail business which can generate the most sales of the year. “IT tools” It is another best-selling product, and many brands prefer to launch new products in the last quarter. To encourage customers to switch to new products to welcome the coming new year, such as “apple” […]

“Firefox 107” official release, WebExtensions development with DevTools more convenient | au economy web portal / IT news

The official version of the web browser “Firefox 107” has been released. DevTools, essential for front-end web development, has been enhanced to make it more convenient to develop WebExtensions, which are add-ons that can be used with Firefox and others. Firefox 107.0, View All New Features, Updates and Fixes https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/107.0/releasenotes/ ◆ Better DevTools for developing […]

What exactly is the “RDNA 3 architecture” adopted in the AMD “RX 7900” GPU series?

On November 3, 2022, AMD revealed the details of the next generation GPU architecture ‘RDNA 3’. RDNA 3 has just adopted a technology called “chiplet” which individually designs and bundles individual dies on the semiconductor, and has achieved a significant improvement in performance compared to the previous generation. Mr Jared Walton of Tom’s Hardware, a […]

[리뷰] “Focus on the game” Lenovo Legion Slim 7i

Lenovo’s Legion Slim 7i / IT Chosun DB Laptop performance is improving all the time. Manufacturers say they are developing products that match consumer needs because they want faster and fancier products than before. However, there are aspects where users follow the performance improvement direction decided by manufacturers. Perhaps the most accurate reason for improving […]

ITO 2022 electronic trade show | RYT9

Premium Online Exhibition 2022 – Or the ITOE (ITOE) (www.itoegd.com) Trade Show Electronics has opened to welcome visitors. It was hosted by the Guangdong Provincial Trade Promotion Committee (Guangdong CCPIT Committee) and organized by Guangdong Guangchan International. Exhibition Co, Ltd (Guangdong Guangzhan International Exhibition Co, Ltd), the ITOE event, held from October 24 to October […]