La Tomatina | Don’t play with tomatoes; ‘La Tomatina’ with gore

Everyone has seen the famous tomato festival in Spain at least once through pictures or videos. This is a luxurious sight for our local people who hold their breath when the price of a kilo of tomatoes rises. This celebration is called ‘La Tomatina’. The trailer of this movie starring Joy Mathew is out. The […]

Chakochan kata help, operate by means of kammiya kandam

Chakochan kata guidance, operate by way of kammiya kandam Printed: August 11, 2022, 06:00 There is a gap on the way to the theatres. Leftist cyber profiles are clamoring for a boycott of the film Kunchacko Boban Nna Than Kes Kod for the reason that of the textual content of the advert ‘Emyo Vannekane’. Opponents […]

Swapna Suresh Job: Case politically motivated: HRDS against SC-ST Commission

Feb 20, 2022 at 12:30 PM IST Swapna Suresh, accused in gold smuggling case SCST commission member S. Ajayakumar said that there should be a crackdown on the exploitation of tribals. Every year 350 crore NGOs of the Central Government pass through. Many of these are not with the knowledge of the state government. A […]