Argentina defeats Mexico 2-0 and a ‘knight revival’

↑ Argentina’s cheer squad / Photo = AP Argentina beat Mexico 2-0 in the second leg of Group C of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Argentina, driven to the brink by a 1-2 come-from-behind defeat against Saudi Arabia, rose to second place in the group with their first win of the tournament. Argentina received […]

‘Qatar World Cup 2022’ MBC has ambitiously prepared the new World Cup

MBC, the ‘famous football exchange’ that charmed the front row of home rooms with comfortable exchanges, [2022 카타르월드컵]Through this, a new exchange pattern is introduced.A luxurious combination that has returned to its original business! Caster Kim Seong-joo and commentator Ahn Jung-hwan. And commentator Seo Hyung-wook plans to present a lively World Cup qualifier in Qatar. […]