Seven sections: Persuade enterprises to construct inexperienced vitality facilities on their individual web sites, systematically advertise the use of lithium batteries, examine purposes this sort of as hydrogen gas cells | Lithium Battery_Sina Finance_Sina Community

On August 25, 7 departments together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Advancement and Reform Fee, and the Ministry of Finance jointly posted the “Action System for Inexperienced and Low Carbon Growth of the Information and facts and Conversation Market (2022- 2025). )”. The communication industry’s inexperienced and very low-carbon growth […]

Huasheng Lithium Battery IPO: Increasing Downstream Demand, Fundraising and Investment Projects Focus on Capacity Expansion_Company_Electrolyte_Additives

Original title: Huasheng Lithium Battery IPO: Downstream Demand is Growing, Fundraising and Investment Projects Focus on Capacity Expansion Author: Shi Ziyan At present, benefiting from the rapid development of the new energy vehicle industry in recent years, the demand for power batteries has continued to rise, which has led to a significant increase in the […]

For three consecutive weeks, the Shanghai index returned to 3,300 points, and the stock market broke out in a full-scale lithium battery, and the photovoltaic industry led the big consumer sector. A shares_Sina

The three major indexes rose collectively in the afternoon today, the Shanghai index returned to 3300 points, and the ChiNext index performed even stronger. At present, the weekly line of the Shanghai Stock Exchange has been three consecutive positives. On the disk, the new energy track is rising, lithium batteries, ultra-high voltage, wind power and […]

The installed capacity of power batteries declined month-on-month in April, and the installed capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries in the Ningde era was overtaken – yqqlm

On May 11, China Auto PowerBatteryIndustry Innovation Alliance releases April 2022 momentumBatterymonthly data. Domestic momentum in AprilBatteryThe output totaled 29GWh, a year-on-year increase of 124.1% and a month-on-month decrease of 26.1%. In terms of vehicle loading, the domestic power battery loading volume in April was 13.3GWh, a year-on-year increase of 58.1% and a month-on-month decrease […]

Noon Announcement: Enjie shares US$916 million to build a lithium battery separator project in the United States_Oriental Fortune Network

e Company News, ①Enjie shares: The company, with its subsidiary SEMCORP Manufacturing USA LLC as the main body, invested in the construction of lithium in Sidney (Sidney), Ohio (Ohio), USABatteryIsolation Membrane Factory (hereinafter referred to as the “U.S. Project”), which mainly develops lithiumBatteryManufacture and sales of base film and functional coating diaphragm, etc., the project […]

Huajin Securities maintains the buy rating of Enjie shares: the performance of lithium battery diaphragms has increased rapidly, and domestic and foreign production expansion and superposition technology optimization has strengthened its leading position_Oriental Fortune Network

JoaquinsecuritiesPublished on April 13thResearch reportsay, maintainEnjie shares(002812.SZ, latest price: 196.25 yuan) Buy rating.The reasons for the rating mainly include: 1) the company in 2021performancehigh growth, hairinterest rateA record high; 2) In 2021, the company’s lithium battery diaphragm shipments will account for about 30% of the global market, with a significant leading position; 3) Continue to […]