Malayalam News Live: Popular front ban: Kerala to take further action

7:12 AM IST: Torture case against Binoy Kodiyeri settled. According to the settlement agreement, Rs 80 lakh was paid for the future of the child. Bobe High Court closed the case after both sides agreed to complete the legal steps. Both sides were already ready to end the case, but the dispute over the terms […]

Lid fault at Parambikulam dam, advisory warning along Chalakudy river

7:14 AM IST: Governor Arif Muhammad Khan will leave for Delhi today as the publicity war with the Kerala government continues. The governor goes to North India after making a condition that he will not sign controversial bills and if he signs other bills, the ministers or the secretary must come in person. The Governor […]

CPM Thiruvananthapuram district committee place of work attacked

9:29 AM IST: Local CPM leaders fulfilled Raj Kabir, who had still left the country simply because he was fed up with the closure of the furniture market by the municipality. The leaders arrived in accordance with the instructions of the district committee. The leaders confident that there will be no more problems from the […]