Japan’s frequent “bear haunts” have caused 2 deaths and 61 injuries in the past 2 months

Original title: Japan’s frequent “bears” have caused 2 deaths and 61 injuries in the past 2 months China News Service, October 25. According to “Central News Agency”, according to the statistics compiled by the Japan Broadcasting Association, Japan will have frequent “bears” in 2020. From September to the present, there are at least 63 people […]

The Eleventh School| Finance| Daily News| Columns| Columns| 20201025

In 2020, the capital market will be affected by the epidemic, the market will be more volatile, and the outlook will be more pessimistic. Many investment banks’ IPO underwriting and valuations have become more conservative, prompting companies to prefer “Special Purpose Acquisition Company” (SPAC) in the United States. Listed companies allow companies to go public […]

Cheng Kai| Finance| Daily News| Bay Area Customs| Columns| Columns| 20201025

Apple’s new smartphones such as the iPhone 12 have been launched, with over one million pre-sales in the Mainland, and the first day of sale, the lineup of Apple Stores in China is full, and the speculative price has been 3,000 yuan higher than the original price. Seeing that Apple’s smartphone sales are not affected […]

iPhone 12|IPhone speculation style is reproduced immediately, the camera instax SQUARE SQ1 hands-on play Yokohama Gundam light test fragments flow out| Fruit seeds| Real time| 20201024

IPhone speculation reappears, Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are officially on sale, and due to the small quantity of goods, speculation is reappearing, and speculation prices can make up to thousands of dollars; Sony’s flagship machine Xperia 1 II launches a new color large RAM version ; In addition, the instant video camera instax […]

[Same house in the same house]about the murder documentary| Entertainment| Daily News| Same house in the same house| Column| 20201023

I watched the Netflix documentary “American Murder: The Family Next Door” (American Murder: The Family Next Door) for nearly two weeks, but because of its shock, I think it is necessary to deconstruct it. Since 2015 “The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst” (The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst), the […]

China Life: The proportion of investment in the Yangtze River Delta exceeds 16%, among which the bond investment scale is nearly 150 billion_ 东方 Fortune.com

Summary [China Life: The proportion of investment in the Yangtze River Delta region exceeds 16%, of which the bond investment scale is nearly 150 billion]According to the news on October 23, according to China Life’s WeChat official account, in recent years, in order to support the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta, China Life […]

SLAM DUNK mobile game for slam dunk | The man is called by the master! Register today for the “SLAM DUNK” e-sports competition| Fruit Seed| Real Time| 20201023

To count the popular basketball mobile games, I believe “SLAM DUNK” will definitely occupy a place. The recent release of Sakuragi Flower Road characters has pushed the game to another peak! The appeal of the game is that you can control multiple popular characters, including classic characters such as Rukawa, Mitsui, Miyagi, Akagi, and Fujima. […]

Guan Zhuozhao| Finance| Daily News| More than enough blanching| Columns| Columns| 20201022

Hong Kong stocks formed huge resistance at 24,800 to 25,000 points, and when they rose to this level on Wednesday, they returned to no avail. How long will this offensive and defensive battle last? It seems that there should be an answer before the US presidential election. Looking at the overall trend, as Ant Group […]

[Blues Time]The Movie King from the Walled City of Kowloon| Entertainment| Daily News| Blues Time| Columns| Columns| 20201022

In fact, I think Lin Jiadong’s appearance is very cartoon. For example, the honest protagonist in Japanese manga like the boyhood, or the Hanawa-kun who Xiaomaruko and his friends love to get close to most. If he is a doctor, he must be a reassuring doctor, his unquestionable facial features, and his determined eyes will […]

iPhone 12 comes to the stage|List of the iPhone 5G service plans of the 3 major Internet companies in Hong Kong | Fruit seeds| Real time| 20201022

Compared with iPhone 5G plans, 3HK offers phone cash coupons, csl offers Netflix membership, and SmarTone monthly fee is lower. With the addition of 5G functions to the iPhone 12 series, I believe everyone will pay more attention to the 5G plan. So this time, I will compare the iPhone 5G plans of the 3 […]