“Taylor Swift” is the first singer to break the Billboard record.

most popular no undertone for Taylor Swift is an American singer. A person who is the idol of many people. that no matter what song or album is released Soar to the top of all the music charts. In addition, album sales are always higher than expected. which in recent months After she swept the […]

Come back “Mew Suphasit” with a new single with EXO’s “Suho”.

count as one an artist a Thai actor which is famous far and wide at the international level for “Mew Suphasit” or Suppasit Chongcheeweewat Discuss with Go Inter prepare to land on the screen. Korean series and recently released a new music teaser which is the 4th single of the project Global Collaboration 2022 in […]

“The Toys” buy 7 luxury cars, over 100 million, they have land

“The Toys” ( THE TOYS ) or Toy Thanwa Boonsungnern, Artist, Producer a a young singer A unique style from the music label What the duck which leaves many popular songs on the charger and recently released a new single, a new genre of music with the most rock sound track, such as the song […]

“Bogie Lion – Bukin” shook hands on the podium Chart best hits of the month

A truly uninterrupted bang for the award winners and Candite, the clear award ceremony as Bogey Lion, Bukin Puttipong a Non Thanon Recently, LINE MELODY has just released a regular hit chart.August 2022 Let us know And of course, the list of artists mentioned above is from the hottest songs listened to around the world. […]