For Apple developers macOS13 and public RC2 release!Official version available from October 25 | Kamiap | Delivering Apple IT news and information

macOS13RC version was released two days ago, but Apple has released macOS13RC2 with the developerBecome a member of the public software testing programReleased. Apple released macOS 13RC2 In the RC2 release notes for macOS13 developers, “Update your app to use new features and test your app against API changes“which includes many new feature additions and […]

Removed “Edit community setting” operate from macOS 13 Beta 5 Technique Options app!Identified by developers | Kamiap | Providing Apple IT information and data

Previous 7 days, AppleBeta 5 for macOS13 developers has been produced, but removed features have been uncovered and have turn into a hot matter. Eliminated “Edit network atmosphere” purpose from macOS 13 Beta 5 technique settings app Till macOS 12, it was “Procedure Preferences”, but from macOS 13 it will be the “Technique Options” app. […]