India opened to the planet NS Madhavan | 75 many years of Indian Independence

A nation of numerous regional cultures, languages ​​and traditions, India has not only existed for 75 decades, but its integrity has not faced any major worries. The previous Soviet Union was a significant nation equivalent to India in this respect. There ended up several languages, religions and cultures. And however that kingdom only lasted 69 […]

‘India’s toughness lies in the existence of states No, slim politics’ – 75 a long time of Indian Independence | Shashi Tharoor Independence Day Unique

Aside from being a people’s agent, Shashi Tharoor is also a political thinker. Acquiring already gained international consideration as a diplomat and writer, Tharoor entered politics by rewriting the common perceptions of politicians. On this historic occasion when impartial India completes 75 yrs, Shashi Tharoor MP talks about democracy which is the foundation of our […]

‘Godse is my ideal’: competition theme for school children; Anger, action | Elocution | Nathuram Godse | Mahatma Gandhi | Gujarat Youth development

Gandhinagar ത്തിൽ In Gujarat, a speech competition was organized for students on the theme ‘Nathuram Godse is my ideal’. The Youth Development Officer was suspended after the incident became controversial. Officer Nitaben Gawli has been suspended following the controversy. The speech contest was organized for students of classes five to eight in various government-private schools […]

Not Gandhiji’s favorite tune in Beating Retreat Mahatma Gandhi

New Delhi: Gandhiji’s favorite song ‘Abide with Me’ has been dropped from the Army ‘Beating Retreat’ function this time. The event will be held at Vijay Chowk on the evening of the 29th to mark the end of the Republic Day celebrations. This song was written by poet Pradeep in memory of those who died […]

The global acceptance of Gandhian ideals; Famous Gandhi monuments around the world

Thiruvananthapuram: The ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, who touched the soul of India, are widely accepted outside India. Gandhiji was a lesson to the world in fighting against British domination and fighting for independence without taking up arms. Many world leaders were influenced by Gandhi’s philosophy, which was rooted in non-violence. Martin Luther King, Steve Biko […]