“Brother Nu” insists on accepting marijuana, diary plan Don’t be afraid to be blocked. If you care about the people, you have to leave the km, not demolish the body.

“Brother Nu” supported the acceptance of marijuana, diary plans because he was pushing. No-Marijuana Demo Plan Don’t fear that marijuana policies will be blocked. There are other policies. He said that if people are concerned, they must issue a draft of the Marijuana Act, not reverse it. But if it is actually reversed, there is […]

The Association of Researchers opposes the return of “marijuana” as a drug, pointing out that the ONCB has no power to consider it yet.

“Association of Researchers of Thailand” panting 5,000 names to invade the “House of Representatives” presenting “The Prime Minister” to oppose “marijuana” under the “Narcotics Act” hoping to announce that the Ministry of Public Health unlocks the trap The Narcotics Control Board is not in the power to bring it back for consideration again, urging the […]

“Wissanu” explained that the Narcotics Control Board does not have the power to stop the announcement of the Marijuana Bond, rejecting the support of the crowd to attack the House tomorrow.

Deputy Prime Minister to hold a meeting of the NCCC board Announcement of the Ministry of Public Health, marijuana bond, refusal to answer, support crowd, pressure in front of Government House tomorrow Today (November 21) at 1:50 pm at Government House, Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam has given an interview about the case where there […]

“Sukhum” pointed out that politics is a heavy blow on “marijuana” after the police Pitchfork warned “Doctor Smith” to join the opposition to be careful of credit.

The former rector of Ramkhamhaeng University looks at the politics of “marijuana” heavily, dismissing the lawsuit to loosen the lockdown After bringing Thai pride to a pitchfork, warns “Doctor Smith” to be careful about credit. After joining the opposition podium Today (Nov. 11), Assoc Prof. Sukhum Nuansakul, former president of Ramhaeng University, spoke about the […]

Seri marijuana and alcoholic beverages “exploded” to open the council

In the number of 5 draft laws that the commissioners have considered If brought to a meeting of the House of Representatives, there will be two issues that will cause conflict in the House of Representatives. and a problem in the coalition government itself, that is Draft of the Foreign Tax Act or the Progressive […]

“Anutin” confirms that the Ministry of Health has issued enough to control marijuana Protection of children, youth – do not use recreational activities

“Anutin” confirms the announcement of the Ministry of Health is enough to control marijuana Protection of children, youth – do not use recreational activities Cause back to be a drug It is a hopeless solution – too much fist. On September 19, 2022, at the Department of Medical Sciences, Mr Anutin Charnvirakul, the Deputy Prime […]