Mayweather, “What do you want to do” against the US YouTuber’s popular media analysis of the match’s overwhelming victory … “Mikuru Asakura’s fight was serious”: J-CAST News[Arddangosfa testun llawn]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. (USA, 45), former five-division world champion in professional boxing, on November 14, 2022 (13th local time), popular YouTuber Desi Oratunzi (UK, 25) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates) and 8 exhibition matches, and won 6 times by TKO. The match was dominated from the beginning with Mayweather Jr. chasing Oratunji, confirmed his guard. […]

Mayweather, 45, says, “I can do it for a few more years with that moderate approach.” Mirai Asakura’s total victory, strength seen by experts: J-CAST News[Testun llawn]

The martial arts event “Super RIZIN” was held at Saitama Super Arena on September 25, 2022, and former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (USA, 45) who took part in the exhibition match was Mirai Asakura (30) by TKO twice. . The exhibition match was 3 minutes and 3 rounds under boxing rules, free knockdown system, […]

Atsushi Tamura “For those who only believe in information on Wikipedia” Burdock party “deny support” also misunderstood criticism and first complaint: J-CAST News[Arddangos testun llawn]

On September 27, 2022, Jun Tamura of the comedy duo London Boots No. 1 No. 2 issued a complaint on Twitter about the misinformation that he was a supporter of the political group “Burdock Party”. Despite posting on the 26th that he had never expressed support, he continued to criticize him, saying, “If you believe […]