Russia denies radiation incident despite striking measurements in Northern Europe

The registered particles, according to the international organization, are the result of a nuclear fission caused by humans. The Swedish and Finnish nuclear authorities have also measured unusual radiation. However, according to the Finnish authority STUK, the concentrations were so low that they may have been released under normal use of a nuclear reactor. The […]

Gardena Smart Sileno Life 1250 test: our opinion, our laboratory measurements

The “Smart” designation of this robotic lawnmower only corresponds to its connectivity, its operating mode being identical to that of other Sileno models. It therefore always uses a principle of random navigation, without mapping the terrain and only changing direction when it reaches the perimeter wire or comes up against an obstacle. Although we can […]

Whirlpool test WLB5860AL: our opinion, our laboratory measurements

It’s not for its originality that we set our sights on the Whirlpool WLB5860AL hob. Its banal black coating hosts classic white serigraphs. Here, there is no question of magnetic wheel, as on the Samsung NZ63J9770EK, or a touch of color in the inscriptions, like what Rosières offers on the RTPSJ644MCWIFI. To help the user […]