Development of an AI model for automatic diagnosis of appendicitis with CT image reading… “Diagnostic accuracy 89.4%”

An artificial intelligence (AI) model that automatically diagnoses appendicitis by analyzing computed tomography (CT) images has been developed by domestic medical staff. The accuracy of the AI ​​model in diagnosing pendicitis was found to be close to 90%. Acute pendicitis has variable clinical features, and is sometimes misdiagnosed as another digestive disease because an abnormal […]

Meet Imma, a virtual model from Japan.

imma come from languageJapan The meaning of the word ‘ima’ is now.3D character She is affiliated with ModelingCafe, a 3D modeling and CGI graphics studio for famous games and movies such as Final Fantasy, Gintama, Neo Evangelion, and more. But on her Japanese art exhibition website, imma is the first virtual man in Asia. As […]