“Monkey pox” waiting for the day to erupt all the time. The stubborn doctor insists that it is not as easy to contact as covids.

stubborn doctor Prof. Dr. Thirawat Hemajuta, Director of the Center for Emerging Health Sciences Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Facebook post Thirawat Hemachutha Thiravat Hemachudha indicate that “smallpox monkey” not easy to communicate with as we see in “COVID” Although the diffusion mechanism is the same. close contact, especially during sex exposed to a rash […]

Smallpox invades Singapore with first local infection 3 close contacts

Ministry of Health Singapore Confirm the detection of the disease “smallpox monkey” One locally infected person is a 45-year-old Malaysian man living in Singapore. in which such patients have the test results monkey pox It was positive on July 6 and is currently being treated at the National Center for Infectious Diseases (NCID) with stable […]

Virus detected in semen of monkey pox patient

Virus detection in semen for the first time… It is not yet possible to determine semen as a source of transmissionMostly same-sex sex, some patients are HIV-positive [아시아경제 베이징=조영신 특파원] A study report has found that the virus was found in the semen of patients infected with monkey smallpox. [이미지출처=AP연합뉴스] 湲 蹂肄 Citing the latest […]