Xiamen Citizens Cultural Festival: Experience Art at Home

Original Title: Xiamen Citizens Cultural Festival: An Art Experience on the Doorstone Reporter Ma Yuehua “Every home has a Piano, Xiamen is like a song…” “Xiamen is like a song” is a song from southern Fujian composed by Taiwanese music producer Yang Mu in 2013. Since then, Yang Mu has launched the project “Music Xiamen […]

‘Qatar World Cup 2022’ MBC has ambitiously prepared the new World Cup

MBC, the ‘famous football exchange’ that charmed the front row of home rooms with comfortable exchanges, [2022 카타르월드컵]Through this, a new exchange pattern is introduced.A luxurious combination that has returned to its original business! Caster Kim Seong-joo and commentator Ahn Jung-hwan. And commentator Seo Hyung-wook plans to present a lively World Cup qualifier in Qatar. […]

‘Golden Spoon’ Seung-yu, impressive in the home theater with colorful facial expressions

Seung-yu, an actor in ‘Golden Spoon’, attracts the attention of viewers for his stable acting and excellent character portrayal.In MBC’s ‘Golden Spoon’, which ended on the 12th, Seung-yu appeared on the small screen as ‘Lee Seung-ah’, the older sister of the main character Lee Seung-cheon and an amiable and sincere owner. personality. In the drama, […]

Ahn Jae-wook to Kim Sun-ah, “You killed Joo Se-bin” (D-EMPIRE)

Ahn Jae-wook of ‘The Empire: Empire of Law’ pointed to Kim Sun-ah as the criminal who killed Joo Se-bin. In JTBC’s Saturday drama ‘The Empire: The Empire of Law’, which aired on the 13th, Han Hye-ryul (Kim Sun-ah) was portrayed as being shocked by her son, Han Kang-baek (Kwon Ji – woo). Han Hye-ryul remembered […]

‘Hwanjoon 2’ Go Yoon-jung, debut as mysterious woman… Lee Jae-wook → Hwang Min-hyun ‘3 years later’ poster released

A group poster of Lee Jae-wook, Go Yoon-jung, Hwang Min-hyun, Yoo Jun-sang, Shin Seung-ho, Oh Na-ra, Yoo In-soo, and Arin from ‘Gwanhwa: Light and Shadow’ was released .tvN’s new Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Warrior: Light and Shadow’ (Director Park Joon-hwa/Screenwriter Hong Jeong-eun Hong Mi-ran/Dragon Production Studio TS Narin Cinema) (hereafter referred to as ‘Ghost Marriage […]

Joo Woo-jae “Injustice? Be patient if you can” (Hong Kim Dong-jeon)

Joo Woo-jae agreed with the survey results. KBS 2TV’s ‘Hong Kim Coin’ (directed by Park In-seok and Lee Myeong-seop) is a multi-concept variety of blood, sweat and tears starring Hong Jin-kyung, Kim Sook, Jo Se-ho, Joo Woo -jae , and Woo-young. In the 15th episode, broadcast on the 13th, the ‘spoon game’ takes place. After […]