“The power of the people is the collective criminal record for controlling the broadcasting industry”, chairman of the press union

▲Chairman Yoon Chang-hyeon (left), who appeared on MBC radio ‘Kim Jong-bae’s Focus’ on the 15th. On the 14th, Kwon Seong-dong, floor representative and acting representative of People’s Power, pointed to KBS and MBC as “places controlled by the press union under the KCTU.” Let’s solve the problem of non-regular workers on terrestrial broadcasters,” he said […]

“A request for provisional seizure of the salary of a KBS reporter from Hoban Construction is a tyrannical act”

▲KBS Main News, March 30 press screen capture. As Hoban Construction took excessive legal action against KBS reporters who reported unfavorable content, such as applying for seizure of property, the KBS Reporters Association, the Broadcasting Journalists Association, the National Press Workers’ Union, and the Korea Journalists Association also took action, saying “it is a tyrannical […]