Coronavirus in UK live: Downing Street is unable to support PM’s complaint about the test-and-trace system | Policy

The home secretary, Priti Patel, she has been told that it is “worrying” that she is unable to provide an assessment of the number of travelers entering the United Kingdom with coronavirus since quarantine measures are being relaxed. Appearing before the selected home affairs committee, Patel expressed the opinion of the Scientific advisory group for […]

Covid-19: nurses who didn’t wear masks led to the closure of A&E, according to investigations | News in the UK

Nurses who were not wearing masks or who were two meters away led to a burst of Covid-19 which shut down an emergency room unit after 70 hospital employees had to go into quarantine. An investigation by Hillingdon Hospital in north-west London found that a nurse who had unintentionally infected the coronavirus with 16 others […]

Supreme Court supports Bangladesh wrecker widow’s request for negligence | Global development

A widow whose husband has fallen eight floors since her death while tearing apart a supertanker in Bangladesh may pursue a negligent claim against Maran (United Kingdom), a British company involved in the sale of the ship, according to a high court. The London judge ruled that the shipping company Maran (UK) Ltd probably had […]

Eight out of 10 people living alone with dementia completely isolated since March | Society

Eight out of 10 people living alone with dementia have not seen family or friends since March, while tens of thousands more regularly spend up to a week without having a single in-depth conversation, the research found. The largest survey ever conducted by the Alzheimer’s Society reveals that approximately 56% (510,000) of those with dementia […]