A series of 20 packs of “Lucky Strike” for coal (TM) hyper, which allows you to enjoy the authentic taste and deep flavor of tobacco even with heat, will be available nationwide from November 28 (Monday ) | BAT Japan

British American Tobacco Japan (Headquarters: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo; President: James Yamanaka) is a heated tobacco device called “coal(TM) From 28 November (Monday), 4 brands in a series of 20 sticks of the exclusive “Lucky Strike” tobacco stick from the hyper series (Glow Hyper) will be available in convenience stores across the country and coal country.(TM)store, […]

[Trwsio Windows]Professional Windows troubleshooting tool “4DDIG Windows Boot Genius” | Press release Tenorshare Co., Ltd.

Features of “4DDIG Boot Genius Windows” Key Features of Genius Boot Windows 4DDIG Start a computer that won’t start normally Fix computers showing error codes (0xc00000e9, 0x8007007f, etc.) Automatically repair Windows issues like blue/black screens, system crashes, etc. in minutes More features of Genius Boot Windows 4DDIG 1. Delete data Delete data The data deletion […]

Release new items from “PHOEBE BEAUTY UP”! Released 3 items that you can enjoy from eye care to makeup, such as a new color serum mascara, glitter, and premium eyelash serum. |DINETTE Co., Ltd. press release

New products include a premium lash serum that provides firmness and moisture to the lashes and around the eyes, and “sticky and elegant” glitter that enhances the transparency of the eyes. In addition, the long-awaited new color will be added from the New Matsuek Long Lasting Essence Mascara “Beauty Up Mascara” released on July 20, […]

Tech One Releases “ONEXPLAYER mini Pro Domestic Regular Edition” with 12th Generation Intel Core i7-1260P – Tech One Co, Ltd.

Tech One with 12th Generation Intel Core i7-1260P “ONEXPLAYER mini Pro domestic regular version” released ~ 10% off as a limited release campaign until November 30 ~ Tech One Co, Ltd (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Takuro Yamada, hereinafter: Tech One) is a 7-inch portable gaming UMPC with the 12th generation Intel® Core™️ i7-1260P developed by […]