More than 100 new coronavirus cases in Devon and Cornwall

Over the past seven days, more than 100 new coronavirus cases have been confirmed across Devon and Cornwall. Government statistics show 102 new cases have been confirmed across the region over the past seven days in both NHS test pillar first and trading partner pillar second data, compared to 42 new cases confirmed last year. […]

Coronavirus LIVE updates: latest deaths in the UK; Fines “last resort” to enforce the return of pupils to schools

‘Transportation shouldn’t be a hindrance’ Boris Johnson said transportation shouldn’t be “a hindrance” for pupils returning to school in September. He said: “We also have to face the fact that the blockade, children who are out of school like many of them, was a risk to them physically because they weren’t able to exercise, perhaps […]

Coronavirus LIVE updates: the virus could be with us “forever”, warns the scientist

New restrictions on Covid-19 in the Northwest create confusion, local leaders say The introduction of further restrictions on the coronavirus in parts of the North West has caused “confusion” and more clarity is needed, local leaders said. The Department of Health and Social Care told people in Oldham in Greater Manchester, as well as Pendle […]

How do home coronavirus antibody tests work and how is it obtained?

Ministers hope that the AbC-19 lateral flow test will be available for use in a mass screening program later this year. The new tests were developed by the UK Rapid Test Consortium (UK-RTC), a partnership between the University of Oxford and major UK diagnostics companies including York-based Abingdon Health. The partnership was set up by […]

According to a study, cholesterol-lowering drugs could see coronavirus treated as a common cold

A cholesterol-lowering drug could make coronavirus as curable as the common cold, the scientists suggested. Researchers at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York tried to deprive the virus of the nutrients Covid-19 needs to survive. They found that the fat that accumulates inside the lung cells is a key component of what the […]

Covid-19: nurses who didn’t wear masks led to the closure of A&E, according to investigations | News in the UK

Nurses who were not wearing masks or who were two meters away led to a burst of Covid-19 which shut down an emergency room unit after 70 hospital employees had to go into quarantine. An investigation by Hillingdon Hospital in north-west London found that a nurse who had unintentionally infected the coronavirus with 16 others […]

Another coronavirus death recorded in Wales and seven new confirmed cases

In Wales, a new death from coronavirus has been reported and seven new cases have been confirmed. Public Health Wales (PHW) confirmed on Saturday 11 July that the number of people who have had coronaviruses and died is now 1,541 in Wales, and the number of positive cases is 15,946. Since it can take several […]

Meet Birmingham barbers working as Covid-19 minimum wage front line NHS cleaners

A father and son who closed down downtown barbers due to the pandemic spent hours cleaning the hospital to keep patients safe. Hairdresser Craig Millard, 52, who runs Aceface Barbers on Bristol Street, worked as a full-time housekeeper in coronavirus protection and related rooms with minimum wages at West Heath Hospital during for the past […]

Boost NHS youth mental health services to fight radicalization, say psychiatrists | Society

Leading psychiatrists have urged the government to increase public resources for youth mental health in order to combat an association between depression or anxiety and sympathy with violent protests and terrorism. Edgar Jones and Kamaldeep Bhui, professors of psychiatry at King’s College London and the University of Oxford, warn that underfunding of mental health services […]

Video message from Captain Tom Moore to the double amputee, 5, who raised 1.2 million pounds for the NHS

Captain Tom moore sent an inspirational personal video message to Tony Hudgell after the double amputee broke a charity target. The incredible five-year-old lost his legs after horrific abuse by his biological parents. He walked on his new prosthetic legs and crutches every day to reach his 10 km goal – and hoped to raise […]