The wait is over for sure, this 18th April! The police say they are preparing to close the case of “Watermelon” at the National Police Station. “Lawyer Decha” guarantees that you will not be disappointed.

On April 12, 65, Pol Maj. Gen. Udon Yomcharoen, Deputy Commissioner of the Provincial Police Region 1 (Deputy Commander in Chief of Police 1) said that the progress of the watermelon case The case will be closed on April 18 at the Royal Thai Police. The investigator invited the lawyer Decha and his mother to […]

Mo Amena urges not to share photos of watermelon Nida

Mar 1, 65 Mo Amena, actress, along with Bird, watermelon’s boyfriend. have traveled to Muang Nonthaburi Police Station In order to testify with additional investigators about the death of Watermelon Nida By Mo Amena said that he would like to ask for cooperation from everyone to sympathize with P’ Bird, watermelon’s fan, and ask for […]